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MiniSyrup Cherry

MiniSyrup Cherry Flavor Drops are made to flavor iced teas and fountain beverages, like carbonated colas, without adding any additional sugar or artificial / natural sweeteners. This is very important when all your customers really want is more flavor, not more sugar. Add the taste of cherry flavor to your favorite cold beverage. The perfect summer time companion, and a great year round flavoring extract that's extremely versatile. 

All MiniSyrup flavors are:
  • Sugar FREE
  • Artificial / Natural Sweetener FREE
  • Calorie FREE
  • Gluten FREE
  • Allergen FREE
One bottle of MiniSyrup will flavor 300 x 16 oz cups of iced tea and fountain beverages.

Try Cherry MiniSyrup in any one of your favorite cola beverages to make a fantastic Cherry Cola!

148mL Bottle