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MiniSyrup French Vanilla

MiniSyrup French Vanilla Flavor Drops are made to flavor brewed coffee and dispensed beverages. Add the classic, top-selling taste of creamy French Vanilla to your favorite regular and decaf coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolates, mochas and more! All without adding any additional sugar or calories. 

All MiniSyrup flavors contain:
  • NO Sugar
  • NO Artificial / Natural Sweeteners
  • NO Calories
  • NO Gluten
  • NO Allergens.
One bottle of MiniSyrup will flavor 300 x 16 oz cups of brewed coffee (regular and decaf) and dispensed beverages.

French Vanilla MiniSyrup works great with dark roasted coffee! Also try adding it to your whipped cream for a new and intriguing twist on dessert!

148mL Bottle